Cooler Master Storm Devastator

In the world of gaming there are a multitude of brands and products that specialize in offering you the best possible experience out of your game play, but how do you know which to choose? The industry giants might have the best tech, but aren’t kind to your pocket, and up-and-coming pieces might not have the tried and true features and functions that you want. Let’s take a look at the Cooler Master Storm Devastator, a gaming keyboard that is not for the faint of heart, but rather a keyboard and mouse combo that may just rock the gaming community.

The Cooler Master CM Storm Devastator

cm storm devastator side viewThe Cooler Master CM Storm Devastator may be hailed as a budget piece among its rivals, but it sure packs a punch when it comes to game play. If you are looking for stylish looks and usability without too much tech, this could be the set-up for you. The Cooler Master cm storm devastator gaming bundle offers you both the gaming keyboard and a specially designed mouse to enhance your gaming experience, negating the need to buy separately in the hopes of finding a workable match.

The Specs


The Keyboard

As you would expect from a gaming keyboard, the CM Storm Devastator keyboard includes all of the major features- from a numpad, dedicated multimedia keys, page up/down keys and a backlit membrane- which can be toggled on and off to suit your needs- but its most outstanding feature is that it makes the most of ergonomic design and tactile feedback.

The Mouse

cm storm devastator mouseProbably the most unique feature of the CM Storm Devastator is a DPI switch that changes the mouse’s DPI capabilities (between 1000, 1600, and 2000) to tailor your game play in real time. To the untrained eye this may not be the biggest feature, but when you consider that you can just plug it in and play- without a lengthy set-up process or having to change it through the software, and it starts to look a lot more like a nifty component.

In addition, having the DPI switch to hand means that you can change certain aspects in game, without having to exit your current game, and that can count for a lot. For example, if you use the standard DPI of 1600 that is needed for first person shoot ’em ups, but enjoy a lower setting for accuracy, you can toggle between the settings as you play.


The Cooler Master Storm Devastator gaming bundle comes in 3 backlit color options, red, green, or blue. Both devices are (like most gaming keyboards and mouse’s) matte black, and the back light shines through both the laser-etched letter symbols on the keys, as well as across the keyboard tray. The mouse actually lights up too, in a more stylized way than most, but this doesn’t detract from the overall aesthetic of the set.

The Cooler Master Storm Devastator might not have all of the features of its leading competitors, but it does have plenty of worthwhile, unique features that hold its esteem in comparison.

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