Corsair Raptor K30

Corsair Raptor K30 Gaming Keyboard

If it’s a simplistic, elegant and effective keyboard that you’re looking for, then the Corsair Raptor K30 gaming keyboard could well be the one for you. It’s not as pretty as other keyboards, nor does it claim to be the best; but it’s certainly more than capable of tackling even the most demanding of gaming processes without delay.
That’s actually where this keyboard excels. By sacrificing a little on the aesthetics and focusing more on the actual reason for its development; the result is a fully functional keyboard that can outshine the competition without really trying. Featuring 6 customizable macro keys (all of which can be modified across three varying modes, to provide a total of 18 customizable commands); the K30 takes gaming to a whole new level.

One of the biggest benefits of the K30 is the way that the keys have been designed and constructed. Each one of them is mechanical, meaning that the actuation is far more precise than a traditional equivalent. To further compliment the precision, Corsair have decided that a raised key formation could be much more beneficial to users, and there is certainly logic behind their trail of thought.

corsair raptor k30 gaming keyboardIt’s not uncommon for keys to suffer with delays and blockages as dirt and debris begin to build up around the connective ports between keys. When this happens, it can be infuriating as actions are ignored, and commands go wrong. By raising the buttons by just a few millimeters, the keys are easy to reach and the chance of dirt building up or blocking the ports is minimized.
Corsair haven’t entirely forsaken the aesthetics in favor of functionality either. In fact, they’ve implemented a keen-sense back lighting technology that can be modified between low, normal and extra bright, as well as having the option to be turned off entirely. The back lighting of the keys is red as standard and can’t be modified, but what’s great is that the technology makes gaming in the dark a possibility; and avid gamers will understand that requirement more than most.

With the option to define up to 18 key combinations across the 6 macro keys, it’s entirely possible to create a gaming profile, a professional profile and a general use profile. These modes can be switched between with the press of a button, meaning that ‘inventory’ orientated gamers can flick between 18 possible combinations to all but guarantee that they dominate their specific game.
Another major benefit of the Corsair Raptor K30 is the anti-ghosting technology. Corsair paid careful attention during development on the K30 – so much so that it’s entirely possible to press every single key on the board without delay. Although this event is very unlikely (beyond testing purposes); it stands to demonstrate just how effective the keyboard can be during intensive gaming situations. A grenade can be thrown whilst switching weapons, or a command can be carried out whilst in the heat of combat.

Although far from unattractive, the Corsair K30 might not be as visually stimulating as other keyboards of its caliber; but it certainly has the potential to outshine them. Considering the fair price tag and cross-platform functionality, it’s certainly worth the investment and could last for years and years without interruption.

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