Counter Strike Global Offensive

Global Offensive Counter Strike

As the fourth game in the Counter Strike saga; Global Offensive Counter Strike has taken fast paced action RPGs to a brand new level. It’s not your typical action game however, and each element of the game has been intensively developed to provide players with one of the most realistic gaming experiences imaginable.
What really defines the game is its unique take on several well-known gaming modes. You’ll see these gaming modes across a range of games, but the Global game Offensive Counter Strike really puts an individual spin on things.

Classic Playing Mode

Possible the most popular of all of the modes, the Classic game mode allows players to make use of the full range of the Global Offensive Counter Strike items. These items can be purchased before the game (which will be selected from Hostage or Bomb scenarios), and then put to good use during game play. These items include powerful firearms, frag grenades and other gear. The mode will end once the other team has been eliminated, or if the game timer runs out.

Arms Race

This game mode involves a player making use of several different types of weapon in order to secure a win. Once a player has made a kill with each type of weapon, they’ll be considered the winner and the game mode will end. Although this mode sounds fairly straight forward, it does require proficiency with expert weapons such as missile launchers and sniper rifles.


This game mode can be very random, and it completely eliminates a player’s ability to choose their own weapons. Once a kill has been made with a pre-determined weapon, the player will be rewarded with a brand new weapon for the next round, as well as a random grenade to help them make their next kill.


Global Offensive’s unique spin on the traditional Deathmatch game mode is what really defines it as a standout game. Where typical games score based on player kills; Global Offensive calculates its point system depending on the type of weapon used for the kill. This means that a standard automatic rifle may get more kills, but players will only be awarded limited points for doing so. By using high powered weapons like sniper rifles however, a player may not be able to let enough the same volume of rounds, but they will score higher on the point system.

As far as action RPGs go, Global Offensive Counter Strike is certainly up there with the best of them. It rivals other games in the Call of Duty range, and many players consider the first hand approach even more enjoyable too.

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