E-Blue Mazer II

It’s not often gamers get to make use of something that resembles a spaceship, let alone a piece of hardware that acts like one too. That was until the release of the E-Blue Mazer II 2500 dpi wireless gaming mouse. It’s sleek, elegant and looks every inch the advanced accessory for avid gamers. We’ll be taking an in depth look at the inner workings of this bad boy to really get to know what it can do.

Taking a Look at the E-Blue Mazer II 2500 DPI Wireless Gaming Mouse

First up, let’s have a look at the aesthetics of this mouse. You’ll no doubt have guessed by now that it’s as futuristic looking as a lightsaber; minus the length and opting for a more compact design. It does however glow with a soft blue that rivals the glow of any lightsaber; and this is something that makes it very popular amongst fans of Star Wars games!
The matte black appearance is also very pleasant, and the factory sprayed powder coating is as comfortable on the hands as you’d expect from a Mazer.

The entire construction of the mouse has been ergonomically designed for right handed gamers (sorry lefties), and the easily accessible buttons make gaming easy. In fact even the buttons have been designed with the most enthusiastic of gamers in mind, and they are capable of withstanding a massive 5 million presses (aka a life time of button presses).

So what about the software within the hardware? Well the E-Blue Mazer II has taken precision gaming to a whole new level. With a maximum dpi of 2500; there’s no surface that this bad boy can’t glide across without delay. The built in laser features a massive 3000 frame per second tracking rate; meaning that each and every minor movement will be registered and carried out without delay or lag.

The Mazer II also boasts one of the newest chipsets on the market; an Avado 5090 gaming chipset. This tournament-level chip can tackle even the most strenuous scanning tasks with ease and still come up smelling of roses. With all of the above considered, how could Mazer possibly make this mouse even better?
Well there’s more! The inclusion of the customizable macro keys makes precision gaming easy, and these buttons can even be switched between profiles to allow an even more versatile level of use!

A great feature

There’s one feature that should never be overlooked however, and that’s the mouse’s wireless potential.
Featuring a 2.4GHz wireless sender; there’s no command that this mouse isn’t capable of carrying out. What’s even greater is the Mazer II’s ability to operate from up to 10 feet (2.2 metres) away, making it easy to play from across the room, or even through walls (just in case a challenge is what you’re looking for).

The price is also very fair considering the advanced features, and most gamers will be able to pick up their own Mazer II with a few weeks of pocket money. There’s no doubt that this high-end precision gaming mouse will dominate others in the same calibre, and this fact alone might explain why it’s such a popular model during tournaments.

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