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Making the Most of Elder Scrolls Online

It’s been considered for more awards than Beyoncé, and with a user base of multiple millions around the world – the Elder Scrolls Online could be considered one of the biggest online RPGs of all time. The team at Bethesda are constantly improving server consistency, as well as working on plenty of new storylines and unique quests that trickle in over time – so there’s never a dull moment in the game.

With such a gigantic gaming world at your disposal, it’s quite likely that you’ll feel slightly overwhelmed at first. In fact, even avid gamers that have enjoyed previous Elder Scrolls games such as Oblivion and Skyrim, have felt shock and awe at the sheer magnitude of the game. Where these previous games were strictly single player, the Elder Scrolls Online boasts a community of millions of online gamers; each of which are free to interact with one another via dialogue, combat and alliances. What’s even more is that no two characters need be the same. Of course some may bear similarities, but the game has opened its doors to welcome fans looking to ply their trade as a blacksmith, or combat huge beasts for a living, and much more.

With so much to consider during game play, it’s always a good idea to define a game plan. One particular site has prioritised guides, tips and strategies for new players above all else, and they are Their guides are invaluable when it comes to gaming, and they’ve worked tirelessly to cover all of the bases. There are guides on how to collate enough gold to become an Elder Scrolls Online millionaire, as well as tips on how to level your character to level 50 within 4 days! Here’s a look at some of their most impressive guides and just how effective they are for players.

Crafting Guides

If there’s a unique aspect of the Elder Scrolls franchise that appeals to most players; it’s the ability to craft your own equipment, weapons and armour. Everyone has to start from somewhere, and that somewhere is typically at ground level. New players will no doubt envy long time gamers for their unique weapons and armour sets; often having to settle for basic leather or plate mail for the time being. With the ESO Mastery Crafting Guide; there’s no reason why any player would be stuck wondering the wilderness in a pair of hand-me-downs for longer than a few hours.

They have guides to help with becoming skilled in all calibres of crafting. Whether you’re keen to smelt gold ore in to bullion, or put together a matching armour set made of ebony ore or even dragon bones; there’s genuinely something for everyone. The time that could be saved from using their guides isn’t just a bonus either – you’ll find information that you’ll often struggle to come across yourself in-game, and this information alone is worth signing up for!

Levelling Guides

As with many online RPGs; the Elder Scrolls offers players the opportunity to increase their level depending on their skills and experience. To put it simply; the more assassinations that you perform, the higher that skill will climb. The same applies to all skills, and the more weapons that you make, the broader your capabilities will be. To fully level your character can take months and months of uninterrupted game play, and that’s where the ESO Mastery levelling guides come in handy.

Using the Levelling Guide at saves roughly 90% on time spent levelling a character, and when followed properly – there’s no reason a character couldn’t reach level 50 in 4 days or less. This is roughly half way to the total level that can achieved online, so it stands to reason that the following 50 levels could be obtained within 8 to 12 days more. The guide covers useful tips that helps players to take advantage of skills that can be levelled up easily, and the more of these minor levels climb; the more rapidly your character’s overall level will improve. Climbing these levels as quickly as possible will unlock particular items and tools that can be used to craft unique weapons and armour, as well as all sorts of other benefits that lower level characters miss out on.

Gold Making Guides

The most valuable material in the whole of the Elder Scrolls Online is gold. It may not be the rarest, nor the most expensive pound for pound; but its value as a form of currency is like nothing else in the game. So it’s expected that stumbling across a gold mine isn’t as frequent as players would like, and with other players harvesting the ore often, as well as large numbers of enemies to fight off to get to the gold in the first place; it’s easy to give up and walk away.

Fortunately, the Gold Making Guide steps forward to save the day. It contains details on a huge number of locations where gold ore can be found. It then details the best methods for smelting the ore and then the best way to turn it in to a healthy profit. Most players in the game can expect to make a few dozen pieces of gold a week during the early stages of game play; but this guide has turned even beginners in to millionaires within a matter of weeks – even days if you have the time and patience.

Character Build Guides

Possibly the most valuable guide of all; the Character Build Guide can affect a player’s experience with the game no-end. Many inexperienced players opt to set themselves up a new character that specialises in a particular skill, perhaps combat, or magic, but they are overlooking a very important aspect of the game. The Elder Scrolls Online isn’t all about fighting.
These characters may be more than capable of taking on opponents such as wild bears, dragons and even other real-time players; but they’ll be starting from square one when it comes to improving base skills such as blacksmithing or chemistry. That’s why this guide was developed; to assist players when they are hoping to create a well-rounded character that can follow a specific career during game play.

Not only is this incredibly helpful when it comes to making money – it also minimises the time and effort needed to improve these base skills. Some races even have skills that can benefit particular roles within the game, and when choosing a character class, it’s important to match these skills as closely as possible. That’s exactly what this guide helps with, and it allows the players to start on a perfect note and then build their skills further as the game progresses.

Final Thoughts

Although these guides may seem better suited to beginners, they are actually incredibly useful for experienced players too. The writers at ESO MASTERY GUIDES have dedicated huge amounts of time to compiling the data within the guides, and some of it has come directly from the developers at Bethesda; making it all but impossible to obtain outside of certain circles.
However you decide to play, you’ll definitely stand to benefit from any of the above mentioned guides, and we’re certain that you’ll love the Elder Scrolls Online even more with the endless potential within the guides themselves!

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