How To Clean Razor Blackwidow

The Razor Blackwidow gaming keyboard is by far one of the best products unleashed by Razor. With superior technologies including anti-ghost roll-over, customizable backlit-keys, 50g key actuation and much more, the entire Blackwidow range has helped more gamers to win tournaments that any other branded keyboard.

As with most mechanical keyboards, it’s not uncommon for a sprucing up to be necessary over time and with consistent use. Knowing how to clean Razor Blackwidow can make a lot of difference – after all; gamers will want to keep this prized possession in working order all year round.

Understanding the Mechanics of the Razor Blackwidow Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards aren’t like standard electronic keyboards. They often feature a range of mechanical components that function in unison to provide a much more precise gaming experience. As a result, it’s not unheard of for particular components to gather dust particles, or become blocked as pieces of debris fall between the keys.

Fortunately, as with most mechanical objects; the keyboard has been built to come apart. Before cleaning however, it’s important to make sure that the keyboard is disconnected from its power source. Use a small tool (such as tweezers) to carefully remove each key and then use a keyboard vacuum cleaner to suck up any unwanted dirt and debris.

Cleaning the Razor Blackwidow Gaming Keyboard Thoroughly

If you’ve noticed that certain keys have become unresponsive, then the chances are that there’s some sort of irritating debris that’s reducing the connection between the key and its’ receptor. You can use the same technique as mentioned above (with a pair of tweezers or other similar small tool) to pop the keys out. Once the relevant key/s has been removed, wipe around the base of the key with a dry cloth and then do the same inside of the keyboard itself.

Any loose debris should dislodge, although it’s worth bearing in mind that the Razor Blackwidow gaming keyboard might suffer again if the debris is not removed (albeit with another key as the debris relocates). If this sounds likely, then simply vacuum the keyboard until the debris has been sucked up and away.

One of the most effective ways of cleaning a Razor keyboard is actually considered quite old school. It involves unplugging the keyboard, turning it upside down and then giving it a few gentle smacks with the palm of your hand. This can help to dislodge any debris or dirt, and then it’s a simple matter of vacuuming that dirt up once it exits the keys.

The entire Razor Blackwidow range boast a life span of a decade when kept in working order, so making sure that all of the components are frequently checked and kept out of harm’s way can make a lot of difference. Just a quick clean once a fortnight can all but guarantee that they keys stay functional for years ahead. The smooth matt-black paint job can also be polished using any non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth; just be sure to avoid contacting any electronic ports within the keyboard so as to avoid damaging the inner workings.

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