Logitech Dinovo Edge Keyboard

When it comes to a wireless keyboard that can tackle even the most demanding of applications with ease; the Logitech Dinovo Edge keyboard stands a full head and shoulders above the competition. It’s small, lightweight and portable, with a fair price tag and a compatibility with most operating systems.

A Look at the Logitech Dinovo Edge Keyboard

Unlike most other entry-level keyboards, the Logitech Dinovo Edge can take on a range of tasks and still come out smelling of roses. For a wireless keyboard, it’s a huge benefit to be able to recharge it as opposed to changing batteries every couple of months. It’s not just the lifespan of the keyboard that’s impressive; it also boasts a great set of features too.

The first thing that users will notice is the design, which has been professionally developed to make typing as pleasant as possible. The low profile keys are made from a soft yet durable plastic, and you’ll be able to feel your fingers glide from key to key without difficulty. The keys themselves may be gentle to the touch, but they are in no way unresponsive. In fact, the 2.4GHz wireless technology is as responsive as even some of the most expensive cabled keyboards available on the market.

logitech dinovo edge keyboardUsers will need to download the ‘SetPoint’ app in order to use the laptop, but this will typically download and install automatically along with any relevant drivers. Once installed and up to date; users will get to experience the full range of features included within the keyboard. These features include a touch sensitive pad that can completely replace a physical mouse, as well as a sliding volume control function that makes keeping on top of media easy.

The keyboard includes all of the typical keys, as well as all F buttons. It also possesses a standard QWERTY key layout. On the left hand side of the keyboard can be found several functional buttons. These buttons can open a web browser, mute volume instantly and even zoom in or out of a screen or web page.

The handy Fn key on the lower left hand side of the keyboard allows all relevant icon buttons to be accessed, which broadens the overall use of the laptop, including adjusting screen brightness and volume (a feature which is often overlooked on PCs in favour of laptops). Although this keyboard may not be ideal for use in high demanding fields (such as gaming), it can make the ideal accessory for PC uses including word processing tasks, internet browsing and general PC activities.

With a name like Dinovo and an ability to juggle a range of demands without delay, this wireless keyboard can take on all comers. It carries a great price, comes with a full 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and is very aesthetically pleasing as a bonus. It’s smooth, elegant and durable (comprising a high density plastic and aluminium construction), and when compared to several other similar models from other brands; there’s no doubt as to which one is the best value for money.

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