Logitech G105

With a price tag that any allowance could afford, as well as a range of high end features – the Logitech G105 gaming keyboard makes the ideal companion for both gamers and PC users. Its affordability isn’t its major advantage either. As with most modern Logitech keyboards, users can enjoy the inclusion of the brand’s patented G keys. These G keys are what really define the G105 Logitech range from the competition, and they are every bit as customizable as they are useful. Let’s get to know this keyboard a little better with our Logitech G105 gaming keyboard review.

G105 Logitech and the G Range

There are several Logitech keyboards that feature G key technology (most noticeable by the ‘G’ in their name). Of the range, the G105 is considered the most balanced when it comes to gaming and price. There are a total of 6 physical G keys located on the left side of the board, and each of these keys can be programmed to perform a specific task, or follow a unique command when pressed.

These 6 keys can be programmed to function across 3 unique modes, meaning that each key can be defined up to 3 times; providing a whopping 18 key-command potential. If there’s one thing that gamers need; it’s the ability to react quickly and that’s exactly what the G keys specialize in. Pre-defined messages can be sent instantly, instructions can be issued to friends and allies, or specific acts can be carried out without delay during game play.

Getting to Know the Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard a Little Better

logitech g105 keyboardA keyboard isn’t just a tool; it’s often a companion for gamers and PC users alike. The standard buttons are there to do what they do best (something that Logitech haven’t left out), but the customizable buttons are really what turns this tool in to a state of the art piece of hardware.

Standard keyboards might feature back-lighting technology, but the G105 implements back-lighting with style. The high-strength LEDs can last for a lifetime, and they can also be turned off or lowered in strength to suit a user’s mood and preference.

The G105 also offers something that standard keyboards just can’t do; and that’s multi-key input. This technology allows users to press any number of keys without hearing the annoying ‘ping’ sound that’s commonplace amongst Windows Operating Systems. What better way to carry out a range of movements and activities without delay, than by being able to simultaneously instruct a keyboard to do the hard work?

For a low-budget keyboard with style, the G105 from Logitech ticks all of the right boxes. The Logitech G105 software can be downloaded easily online too, including all of the relevant drivers for differing operating systems, so there’s really nothing that can slow down your gaming experience.

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