Logitech G11 Keyboard and Layout

The Logitech G11 gaming keyboard has actually been branded one of the most effective gaming keyboards on the market, and once you get to know the features you’ll understand why. Let’s take a look at the Logitech G11 keyboard and layout here, to give you a better idea of just how beneficial this keyboard could be to your gaming experience.

G Keys

As with the entire G range of Logitech keyboards, the G11 comes complete with a selection of G keys. These are located on the left hand side of the keyboard, grouped in to sections of 6. The G keys number 18 in total, and each of these keys can be programmed up to 3 times; creating a whopping potential of 54 key commands in total. Directly above the G keys are 4 functional keys to assist with media playback. These keys can also be customized.

The Central Keyboard

The G11 features the standard QWERTY layout, albeit in a more compressed format for ease of use. The keys themselves can be customised via backlighting, and each and every key can possess its own colour. Directly above the central keyboard are the F buttons, and you may notice that the ‘escape’ key is located on the left as opposed to the right. Logitech did this to allow the F keys to fit in neatly; opening up a newer level of usability for gamers.

The Third Sector

Within the third portion of the keyboard are the arrow keys, and a collection of 9 more keys for functionality. This area is slightly more spacious than the rest of the keyboard, and Logitech say that this is down to the fact that these keys can only be used for their specific purpose. For example the numlock key isn’t reprogrammable, so its spacious accessibility makes it quite advantageous.

The Number Pad

Possibly the most useful area of a gaming keyboard (barring the G keys of course), the number pad area is large, easy to navigate and even contains an enter key. Unlike other keyboards that limit number keys to digital input – the Logitech G11 allows its number key pad to be customized to match the gaming profile being used.

Other Features

At the very top of the keyboard are the direct media controls. Where the media controls above the G keys enable apps and software to be launched, the top keys can directly control visual and audio media. The central circle can be rotated to control volume or playback speed, and the optional pause, play, rewind and fast forward buttons compliment this layout entirely.

There are also two individual USB cables on the top left and the top right of the keyboard – both of which can handle high speed USB connections, although higher powered devices may not be compatible. Below the left USB port is the profile switch, and this switch can be flipped 4 times between profiles and then manual control.

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