Logitech G11 Keyboard

When it comes to responsive key strokes, top tier construction and a global affordability, the Logitech G11 gaming keyboard ticks all of the boxes. It’s lightweight, sturdy and features a variety of state of the art technologies. Combine these functions with Logitech’s standard 1 year warranty have made this keyboard a firm favourite amongst PC users and gamers alike.

The Specifications of the Logitech G11 Keyboard

– 18 customizable keys to allocate specific tasks
– 3 key modes to switch between
– Unique blue-glow back-lighting
– Measures roughly 21 inches in length
– Fully functional multimedia controls

As if the above wasn’t enough- the Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard carries a very affordable price tag and has even been used for professional tournaments due to its reliability and consistent key-stroke output. Although it may not be as physically appealing as many other similarly priced keyboards; it more than makes up for the lack of beauty with its potential to dominate fellow gamers.

The G11 keyboard also features two USB ports on the front side, making it ideal for connecting a headset and mouse. Logitech have even gone as far as to implement a way to disable the irritating windows button, which will often be pressed by mistake and then minimize a game during play. They have done so by including a switch on the keyboard that allows adjustment between PC and gaming modes.

As the keyboard has been tailored to the needs of professional gamers, the ‘F’ buttons are slightly smaller and thinner than the rest of the keys. This allows the central buttons to be prioritized, and as 18 of these can be customised, it’s possible to simultaneously key in commands and have them run in real time.

A Closer Look at the Features

logitech g11 gaming keyboardA common feature among gaming keyboards is the backlight. The Logitech G11 gaming keyboard is no different, however rather than opting for bright, off-putting LED lights under each key; the G11 has been specially developed to emanate a gentle blue glow that really comes in to its own when other sources of light are low.

The blue glow serves two purposes, with the first being for a gentle aesthetic enhancement. The main purpose however is to assist gamers that play well in to the evening, as large communities of gamers often complain that the more brightly lit keyboards can affect their vision as they play.

As it typical with the entire range of ‘G’ models from Logitech, the G keys are fully customizable. These 18 keys can be multiplied by three to create a total of 54 macro keys; thanks to the ability to switch between 3 modes of keyboard functionality. The keys are located on the far left of the keyboard, which can take a little bit of getting used to at first, but after a few hours it’s clear that having the G keys within hands reach of other central buttons like the ‘Control (Ctrl)’ is a huge benefit.

For an entry-level keyboard with a price tag that doesn’t quite do the features and functions justice, the Logitech G11 keyboard could be considered one of the most versatile models on the market. It hasn’t sacrificed any functionality in favour of the unique Logitech features, and the company has instead found a way to integrate their own technologies with all of the standard features expected within a gaming keyboard.

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