Logitech G110

The Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard took the gaming community by storm when it was first released, and since then it’s proven to be a highly affordable and hugely reliable piece of hardware. Featuring the patented G key technology that has become a staple presence among all Logitech gaming keyboards; the Logitech G110 keyboard has a reputation backed up by extensive play testing and can provide years of enjoyment.

The Logitech G110 Drivers

As with the majority of Logitech products; the G110 can be plugged in and used in a matter of seconds. It’s fully compatible with Windows XP (or older operating systems) through to Windows 8, and the Logitech G110 drivers will typically install automatically. In cases where an automatic install isn’t possible however, it’s recommended that users visit to download the relevant G110 driver.

The Specifications of the G110

Standing just 1.1 inch in height, 7.38 inches in depth and just under 20 inches in width, the G110 could be considered average as far as sizing goes. The shape is fairly similar to other models of a similar level, although the keys are what really make this gaming keyboard stand out.

As with other Logitech keyboards in the G range, the G110 makes great use of the G keys on the left hand side of the keyboard. There are 12 G keys in total, each of which can be programmed up to 3 times in 3 different modes; providing a whopping total of 36 possible key combinations.

These G keys can be assigned to specific tasks and applications, or used more specifically for gaming purposes to really give an edge over the competition. As they are reprogrammable, it’s entirely possible for users to tailor their own selection of G keys to better suit their style of game play.

With a weight of just 960 grams, the Logitech G110 Keyboard is very portable and its slim design allows it to fit almost anywhere without fuss. The fact that it comes complete with a high speed USB cable means that it can be connected to any PC or laptop easily, and the enhanced actuation keys makes the responsiveness of the keyboard second to none.

As a gaming keyboard, gamers of all calibres can benefit from the use of the G keys, soft touch buttons and ergonomic design. The responsiveness of the buttons means that even the gentlest of touches will be registered without delay, and the durable construction of the keyboard can keep it going for years at a time without any cause for concern.

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