Logitech G15 Drivers

Featuring a stunning graphic display screen as standard, as well as a variety of customisable buttons and control knobs; the Logitech G15 gaming keyboard is in a class of its own when it comes to solo and online gaming. Its high speed USB port and universal compatibility make it an ideal choice for Windows and Mac users alike, although it’s important to download and install the relevant Logitech G15 drivers in order to use the keyboard.

Downloading the Logitech G15 Drivers

When purchasing the keyboard, customers will find all of the relevant G15 drivers contained within the ready to use CD provided. This CD should be inserted in to a CD or DVD drive and then the instructions will need to be followed. Older operating systems may require a manual installation, whereas newer operating systems should take care of the process automatically.

There will be a range of drivers present on the CD to cover the variety of operating systems and hardware available. When installing manually, it’s important to locate and install the correct driver. Find the one that pertains to your bit-operating system (32/ 64-bit) and then install it.

If the CD isn’t available or can’t be used, then it’s possible to download and install the necessary drivers via the Logitech website. To download the drivers for the Logitech G15 gaming keyboard, visit and enter ‘G15’ in to the search bar on the website. A list of G15 related downloads will display, so simply click the ‘drivers’ section. It’s also possible to navigate to this section of the site manually.

Once the drivers have been located, download the one that applies to your operating system. Sometimes drivers can conflict with one another, so ensuring that the download and installation can take place without interruption can help to reduce the risk of this occurring. When downloading the file, place it in a folder where other drivers are present. Don’t change the file name and make sure that there are no duplicate versions of the driver.

As soon as the driver has been downloaded, it can be installed to your computer or laptop’s registry and the G15 keyboard should now be usable. It’s also a good idea to restart your PC or laptop so that the driver can be securely placed within the operating system’s registry.

Once fully installed, users can experience the fantastic functions and features of the G15 – many of which could be considered as taking the experience of online gaming to a whole new level.

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