Logitech G15

logitech g15 gaming keyboard

The Logitech G15 Keyboard

Featuring a high definition LCD screen as standard, as well as cross platform compatibility; the Logitech G15 keyboard has taken the gaming community by storm, and has even been considered one of the most versatile boards on the planet. The Logitech G15 software is free to download and can be installed on any operating system (Windows or Mac), making this keyboard as useful as it is functional.

Using the G15 Logitech Keyboard

The G15 Logitech keyboard comes complete with plug’n’play technology, meaning that users can simply plug it in and have the operating system take care of the installation. It’s important to have access to the Logitech G15 keyboard driver before it can be used however, and this will typically download instantly in newer operating systems – as long as access to the internet is available.

The Logitech G15 drivers can also be downloaded by the Logitech support website at Before downloading the Logitech G15 driver however, it’s important to ensure that no other duplicate drivers are installed on the operating system so as to avoid conflict.

The Features of the Logitech G15 Keyboard

The keyboard is fairly standard in its size and weight (19 inches x 1.85 inches x 8 inches with a weight of 1.2kg). It has been constructed using a dense alloy that provides a little extra durability – which can be very handy during intense online gaming activities. Each key has been individually backlit with a long life LED. An LED screen has been positioned at the top of the keyboard too, and this can display a range of information when the PC is being used (such as date, time and processing speed), as well as specific gaming information relating to online friends, gaming orders and so on.

The compatibility is something that really makes the G15 stand out from the crowd. The drivers are able to provide use on a range of operating systems; from older versions of Windows, all the way to the newest Mac OS. This versatility makes the keyboard a firm favourite amongst gamers, enthusiasts and PC users alike.

The G15 also features a high speed USB cable to provide power, as well as anti-ghosting technology to assist with multiple key presses. As with the full range of G keyboards from Logitech, the inclusion of G keys provides even further customization potential. The G15 also sports 6 individual G (macro) keys, each of which can be personalized over 3 different modes to total 18 unique combinations.

These modes can be switched between with the press of a button, making it easy to tailor specific keys to particular games. These keys can also be modified to suit general PC usage too, and they can be assigned to open applications such as web browsers and word processors.

The Logitech G15 also features an advanced power saving technology that helps to maximize key responsiveness, without draining energy from your PC or laptop. The softly lit keys are also suitable for night-time gaming in low light, and it’s possible to turn the back-lighting off altogether is preferred.

As one of Logitech’s entry level gaming keyboards, users could be forgiven for expecting a low quality functionality. The G15 excels at what it does best – and that’s to provide a unique experience for gamers, as well as multi-purpose functions for general computer requirements.

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