Logitech G19 LCD Features Explained

The Logitech G19 gaming keyboard is one of the only gaming keyboards on the market which possesses a fully functional LCD screen. But what’s so special about an LCD screen on a keyboard, and can they really make a difference to your gaming experience? Here are the Logitech G19 LCD features explained.

Adjustable Game Panel LCD

Logitech haven’t shied away from their traditional customizable potential; and the LCD boasts more features than you could shake a stick at. It consumes minimal power, boasts a full colour range and can even be switched off separately to the keyboard itself.

VoIP Comms

During game play, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data that you have to deal with. Whether you prefer to use your speakers, or a set of head phones; you’ll appreciate the benefits afforded by the G19’s gaming panel. With the ability to transfer real-time communications, you can now use your speakers/ headphones for direct correspondence, and then rely on the LCD to provide vital data about the mission at hand.

Video Playback

As the LCD panel has the potential to operate in much the same way as a computer monitor, it’s entirely possible to watch videos, images and even listen to music. You can adjust the settings via the easy to use Logitech control panel, and once adjusted, you’ll have the option to use the LCD for whatever you like. As the cable is long enough to reach across a moderately sized room, many gamers actually modify their LCD to act as a secondary display, meaning that it can function in much the same way as a regular monitor.

Sharing the Love

Unlike several other large brands that prefer to keep their property to themselves; Logitech have opened the doors for developers and programmers alike to modify the LCD on the G19. Users can now download any number of applets that have been directly developed by the gaming community. These applets afford particular benefits, such as the ability to use the LCD as a performance monitor, or even as an instant messenger.

The benefits don’t just stop their either. As the Logitech software included supports third party apps – it’s now entirely possible to create your own piece of software via coding, and then upload this software to enable its usage via the LCD. This software can even be shared, and as it all runs under the central Logitech server – gamers can download multiple applets and run them simultaneously for an even more diverse experience.

In order to use the GamePanel LCD screen, you’ll need to download the associated GamePanel technology. You can do this by visiting, and once downloaded it’s a very straight forward process to install the software. Installing the software will allow users to customise the individual aspects of the LCD, as well as control its functionality in general.

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