Logitech G19 Windows 7 64bit Compatibility

The Logitech G19 originally took the gaming world by storm after its original release. Featuring no fewer than 12 fully programmable G keys (each of which can be programmed up to 3 times), the keyboard instantly became a favourite amongst gamers and general PC users alike. The Logitech G19 Windows 7 64bit compatibility issue was a concern at first, but fortunately Logitech have stepped forward to provide a solution to the problem.

Overcoming the Compatibility Issue

Early last year, the G19 only offered drivers for 32bit operating systems. Many users turned to external sources to allow their G19 to run on a 64bit system, but this led to glitches and general inconveniences. Many users wrote directly to Logitech in the hopes of a solution, and within a matter of weeks the brand had released a new 64bit driver to bridge the lack of compatibility.
The driver is now a permanent feature on the Logitech website, and you can reach the page by visiting You’ll want to ensure that you’ve chosen the right operating system from the drop down menu before installing, and after the installation has completed – restart your PC or laptop.
Windows 7 installations will differ to Windows 8, and as expected older systems will vary slightly too. Please follow the steps below to ensure that your G19 installs properly:

Windows XP, 2000 and Vista

First visit the website link above and select your operating system from the drop down menu. You’ll then need to choose between 32 and 64 bit versions, and then click download. Your document should download at this point, and you’ll be able to launch it directly from your browser. Follow the steps in the set up Wizard and then restart your PC or laptop once the installation has been completed.

Windows 7 and 8

Windows 7 and 8 differ in the way that they operate, but downloads will function in the same way. Visit the link above and select the correct download from the list. Once downloaded, you can follow the set up Wizard as mentioned above. If you are using a Windows 8 PC or laptop, then your drivers may install automatically – in which case you’ll be able use your G19 keyboard from the offset.

Using the CD Provided

All packaged Logitech products will come with the relevant drivers on a CD. The above methods are ideal if you’ve misplaced the CD, or if you’ve purchased your keyboard without the CD. Simply insert the CD in to your CD or DVD drive and then follow the instructions that pop up on screen. Newer operating systems will typically install the relevant drivers automatically, but older versions of Windows may require a manual installation. The best thing to do is to refer to the user manual provided to gauge the best plan of action to install your drivers, in order to use your G19 without delay.

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