Logitech G19

Getting to Know the Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard

Being considered the bigger brother of the G15 does have its perks. The Logitech G19 gaming keyboard has been upgraded in every possible way – from appearance all the way to speed and responsiveness. There are two models of the G19; the standard and the higher end Logitech G19S gaming keyboard.

Both models require the relevant Logitech G19 drivers in order to function correctly, although the necessary Logitech G19 driver will typically install automatically if a newer operating system is used. The Logitech G19 is also compatible over a range of operating systems including both Windows and Mac.

The Features and Functions of the Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G19 Gaming KeyboardAlthough Logitech prioritize their keyboard’s compatibility with a range of operating systems; it’s actually their unique features that really catch the interest of gamers around the world. These unique features include G keys – a patented set of macro keys that can be assigned to any number of tasks.

The Logitech G19 possesses a total of 12 G keys, and each of these can be customized within 3 modes to provide a total of 36 key combinations. These modes can be applied to particular games or processes, and being able to press a single button to carry out a command can save plenty of time when it comes to gaming.

The keyboard is a little larger than the average keyboard, with a length of 20 inches, a height of 1.7 inches and a depth of 9 inches. It does weigh a little less than its predecessor the G15 however, and comes in at a pleasant 1.07kg. Where the G15 featured a built-in LED screen for gaming and PC purposes; the G19 has experienced an upgrade in both design and functionality of the screen.

The G19’s LED screen has been redesigned with a more futuristic appearance – giving the keyboard a much more modern appearance. Instead of the older red backlit keys that are present in the G15, the G19 and G19S possess a gentle blue back-lighting as standard. This back-lighting can be dimmed or turned off if required too, making the keyboard ideal for use during the day or at night in equal measure. It’s also possible to change the colour of the keys to emit a different colour glow, adding to the customization potential for users.

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