Logitech G510 Review

Logitech G510 Review – Why it’s still so great.

Logitech G510 Programmable Gaming KeyboardEver wondered why the Logitech G510 is still such a highly rated gaming keyboard? Well it is quite simple really. It is a programmable keyboard with an LCD Game Panel.

Now you wonder why this is such a big deal? Well the truth is, is that when it comes to gaming these are the two most important features you need to have the advantage on the battle field.

The programmable keys allow for storing macros which are vital when you are in the middle of a battle and you require more than one key press to execute a command. With a macro, you can program multiple key presses into one single key press. This gives you the edge you need.

The LCD Game panel gives you the added advantage of being able to monitor vital system and game stats whilst playing. This Logitech G510 review explains it all.

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So why would you want the Logitech G510?

Well the Logitech G510 keyboard is not just a gaming keyboard but also an ergonomic one at that. The keyboard layout is great for playing and the key presses are soft and reliable.

Firstly what you must look at is the Game Panel. This little beauty allows you to see vital system and game stats, when your friends are online, what games they are playing, what server they are on and instant messaging all while staying in the game.

There is also an integrated USB audio installed so you can communicate with clear digital audio. It also has a separate headphone and mic jacks which allows you to operate any analog headset with a 3.5mm jack as an USB audio device.

The customizable back-lighting which has an array of colours, is a really neat feature and adds a lot of character to your work station.

Logitech G510 features explained.


  1. It has a game panel LCD which allows you to access in game stats, VOIP data media player information and much more without leaving the game.
  2. There is custom color back-lighting in a variety of different colors, which allow you to personalize your workstation to match the rest of your gaming hardware and also to locate keys in the dark (I’m not the only one that had to play games in the dark).
  3. An integrated USB Audio is also installed so you can strategize in clear digital audio. Another cool feature about this feature is that it has separate headphone and mic jacks which allows you to use any analog headset with a 3.5mm jack as a USB audio device.
  4. There are 18 Programmable G-Keys. Each G-Key has 3 mode states which lets you record up to 54 single key presses or complex macros in total per game.
  5. A full speed USB connection whereby you can execute commands without delay with speeds four times faster than standard USB keyboards.
  6. You can disable the Windows key so that you don’t accidentally get kicked out of a game.


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Check out this Logitech G510 video review.

I personally found that this keyboard is a great asset to have and inexpensive. This is what makes this keyboard for gaming such a good investment. It can do exactly what you need from a gaming keyboard and at a great price too.

Here are the PROS and CONS:



  1. You can control music functions from the keyboard, even when you do not have the ear phone jack plugged in.
  2. The keyboard is very responsive.
  3. No additional power source is required


  1. The LCD Panel is monochrome and not full colour

So to wrap it up I personally think the Logitech G510 is a good value for money keyboard. It is strong and versatile and does the job properly. As I always recommend, please do your research first and see what you want from a gaming keyboard and then make your decision.

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