Logitech G510

Logitech could be considered one of the most reliable brands on the planet; with products ranging from monitors and speakers, all the way to keyboard and computer mice; when it comes to hardware they are on top of the game. When they launched one of their most eagerly anticipated products, it’s no surprise that the gaming world couldn’t wait to try it out. The Logitech G510 gaming keyboard was this product, and it boasts more technological tricks than previously thought possible.

Getting to Know the Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard

The first thing that customers need to consider is that the G510 offers two models to this range. The Logitech G510s gaming keyboard is considered the newer model and boasts several newly introduced features. Both models boast an aspect unique to the Logitech range, and that’s the inclusion of the patented ‘G’ keys.

These keys have been ergonomically designed and scientifically developed to minimize the effects of finger fatigue, so that avid gamers can enjoy their gaming activities without interruption. The fact that the G keys have been placed on the far left of the keyboard means that the board itself doesn’t lose any functionality; it instead provides an alternative option for gamers that prefer to choose between either gaming or PC modes.

Each G key can be assigned to a particular action or command, which makes it easy to switch between weapon load outs or specific gaming modes with the press of a button. Because of this unlimited control and functionality, the G510 Logitech range of keyboards is considered one of the elite amongst professional gamers and enthusiasts alike; without the huge price tag that’s commonplace amongst other brands.

The Specifications

It’s not just the G keys that really separate this keyboard from the competition; there’s a whole host of handy functions and features that come as standard within both the G510 and G510s. For a start, both models feature the trademarked ‘Game Panel LCD’. This useful screen can display a variety of commands, as well as having the option to keep up to date with online friends and their activities.

What’s even greater is that each and every key within the keyboard can be customized in colour to emit a certain glow. This makes the customization potential even more useful; especially if certain key combinations are required for specific tasks. What’s even more impressive is that the colour of each key can be selected from the full colour spectrum; that’s a whopping 16 million colours.

Let’s not forget the G keys either. There are 18 of them in total titled G1 to G18, and these keys are separated into groups of 6. Each key can be customized in both colour and function, and then switched between 3 active modes. The ability to program each G key 3 times means that users have the option of defining up to 54 individual commands across the 3 different modes.

It’s not just the functionality of the Logitech G510s gaming keyboard that Logitech have prioritized; they’ve also spent just as long ensuring that the design is up to the job. The entire surface has undergone a hydrophobic coating, meaning that sweat and water are of minimal concern. The comfort has also been a major focus for Logitech, and they went as far as to use infrared technology to track the way in which users interact with the keyboard; before implementing a layer of soft materials to really help with comfort.

Considering the price tag, functionality and extensive range of features; the Logitech G510 has to be considered one of the leaders within the market. Gamers everywhere are experiencing an even greater level of control over their gaming experience, and even general computer users stand to benefit from the functionality too.

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