Logitech G710

The Logitech G710 keyboard isn’t your typical gaming keyboard. It’s so jam packed full of features that Logitech had to extend the keyboard’s width to 20 inches to cater to the handy G keys. Here’s a look at the ins and outs of this awesomely reliable gaming keyboard.

Diving in to the Logitech G710 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

As you may have guessed, the Logitech G710 Mechanical gaming keyboard is in fact mechanical. This removes the majority of electronic components typically present within older-fashioned keyboards, and instead replaces these dated pieces with state of the art mechanical elements.

With a height of 1.5 inches, a width as mentioned above of 20 inches, and a sturdy depth of 8.7 inches – the G710 is built to suit any desk or lap with minimal fuss. It’s been constructed using durable plastics and the keys are so comfortable that gamers constantly boast at the sheer volume of game play that they can enjoy without interruption.

A Little More on the Specifications of the Logitech G170 Keyboard

logitech g710+As nice as the keyboard looks; it’s time to get in to the inner workings of this excellent piece of hardware. The keyboard will require 70mb of hard drive space in order to function correctly. It’s also compatible with Windows XP through to Windows 8 (although older versions can be used with the relevant drivers). Logitech have gone even further on the compatibility front by making the G170 compatible with Mac OS 10.6 and later versions too.

The keyboard comes complete with a high speed USB cable (2.0) that measures a whopping 2 metres. The keys feature a single-backlighting colour that can be adjusted from dim to brightest in just a few clicks, and there are 6 G keys built in as standard. Each of these G keys offers the same benefits as the rest of the Logitech G range, and that’s the ability to program each key up to 3 times across 3 varying modes.

The Logitech G170 keyboard may have been designed for gaming purposes, but that doesn’t make it any less suitable for general PC uses. The keyboard comes in the standard qwerty format, with all of the traditional buttons and functions that a regular keyboard possesses. Thanks to Logitech’s unique approach to keyboard development however, even the simplest tasks are a breeze, and the responsiveness of each and every key means that not a single character is missed.

With the value for money and reliability taken in to account, the G170 is an excellent entry-level gaming keyboard. It’s more than capable of keeping up with the higher end keyboards on the market – mainly due to the patented implementation of the G keys on the left hand side of the board. Even without these customizable keys, the keyboard still far outshines other similar keyboards.

The presence of the upper F buttons adds to the functionality of the keyboard too, which leaves the G keys free to be used for gaming purposes whilst the F buttons take care of processes and application launches.

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