Logitech Gaming Keyboard

It’s no secret that when it comes to gaming keyboards, no one does it better than Logitech. Whether you want more intuitive game play, an intelligent backlit, or simply a comfortable gaming session, a Logitech gaming keyboard will more than cater to your needs. So, seeing as Logitech really can do it all, let’s take a look at which keyboard in specific may be suitable for you.

The Logitech Models

The gaming keyboard industry is jam-packed full of amazing products and Logitech’s range is no exception. Below are (but not limited to) some of Logitech’s gaming keyboard models:

Logitech g19
Logitech g710
Logitech g15
Logitech g110
Logitech g11
Logitech k750
Logitech g105
Logitech k120
Logitech k270
Logitech k250
Logitech k400
Logitech k350
Logitech G510

Each one is built to enhance game play for all kinds of players, with nothing but high performance in mind.

Standard Logitech Specs

All Logitech gaming keyboards play host to certain standard features that you just won’t find anywhere else. ‘G keys’ for example, are a separate set of keys on the Logitech gaming keyboard that allow the user to keybind and create shortcuts for certain key sequences. The G keys work especially well for MMO and RPG game play as you can streamline commands, macros, skills and more.

Logitech drivers are unique to your gaming keyboard and work to ensure that your computer and its equipment is running at optimum levels to give you the best game play around.

Logitech mechanical keyboards feature Romer-G Mechanical Switches and these have been custom built to enhance user experience. As a general rule, mechanical gaming keyboard keys have a higher responsiveness than normal keyboard keys, meaning that when you repeatedly press a key, a mechanical gaming keyboard will pick up on the command faster. To put this into perspective, Logitech mechanical switches actuate (reach maximum affectivity) at a distance of 1.5mm and that’s up to a whopping 25% faster than its leading competitor.

The Logitech backlit keyboard

The Logitech backlit keyboard is in a league of its own when it comes to efficiency and game play statistics. Not only does it light up intuitively (as you move your hands toward it!), but it also features customizable lighting options- with a color palette of 16.8 million colors- that allows you to mark specific keys for a more instinctual gaming experience.

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