Logitech K350 Driver

The Logitech K350 gaming keyboard is instantly recognized thanks to its unique appearance and patented design. It’s become a firm favorite amongst gamers and PC users alike and not without good reason. In order to use the keyboard however, it’s necessary to ensure that your laptop or PC has the correct drivers installed.

About The Logitech K350 Driver

Logitech provide all drivers for the K350 within the packaging. These drivers can be found on the provided CD, and they should be installed before attempting to use the keyboard. To install the drivers, simply insert the CD in to a CD or DVD drive and wait for the folder prompt to appear. The CD will contain a list of drivers available for download, and newer operating systems will be able to locate the correct one automatically. Older operating systems (Vista and XP for example) may require manual installation.

Before installing the driver, it’s important to check that the correct file will be downloaded. Specific drivers will only be compatible with certain operating systems, so check for the relevant 32 or 64-bit driver for your operating system. Once located, click on the driver and it will begin the installation process.

If the CD isn’t present or can’t be used (lack of CD drive for example), then it’s a good idea to visit the Logitech website at You’ll have the option to manually browse their drivers via their downloads section, or search for the specific driver using their built-in search bar.

Once the correct driver has been located, simply click it to download it and then install it as required. To avoid driver conflicts from occurring, be sure to download the driver to a relevant folder and check that no duplicate drivers are present. It’s also important to avoid altering the files’ name, as this can cause confusion when the driver is placed within the computer’s registry.

Once the driver has been properly installed; restart your laptop or PC so that the registry can properly position the file. Once the operating system has had a chance to reboot, the Logitech K350 driver will be ready for use and the keyboard can now be enjoyed. Depending on the operating system, the potential for conflicts to occur will vary. If any problems arise when using the keyboard (such as a screen freeze, or reduction in key reactivity), then consider uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it.

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