Logitech K400 Driver

Featuring a built in touch pad as standard, as well as wireless technology; the Logitech K400 gaming keyboard has taken technological gaming to a whole new level. It completely negates the requirement for a mouse with its touch pad, and the potential to play from anywhere in the room without a protruding cable has branded it a favorite amongst gamers of all calibres.

Downloading the Logitech K400 Driver

In order to use the K400 to its maximum potential, users will need to download the relevant drivers. The K400 driver can be downloaded directly from the Logitech website which can be visited by entering in to your URL bar.

When on the website, search for the ‘K400 driver’ and you’ll be presented with several drop down menus. These menus provide the choice between operating systems (Windows XP all the way to the more modern Windows 8). Users can then select their correct bit operating system (between 32 and 64-bit) and the option to download the relevant driver will appear.

Once the driver has been installed, make sure that the name of the file isn’t altered and that there are no duplicate versions within the same folder. It’s also possible to install the driver via the CD provided by Logitech that comes with the keyboard itself. In either instance, the driver should be installed and then the laptop or PC should be restarted so that the registry can properly position the newly installed driver.

With all of the above taken care of; the K400 driver will kick in to action as soon as the keyboard is turned on and connected (via a handy USB wifi receiver). The keyboard can now be used as a standard mouse and keyboard combination, or for more specific tasks such as word processing and gaming. It’s also possible to define specific buttons to certain roles. This will allow the instant opening of the internet browser, for music playing and more.

If the keyboard malfunctions at any time, then the issue may be a conflict between any drivers present. Before uninstalling the drivers, disconnect the wifi receiver and turn the keyboard off to check if the issue is battery related instead. If the problem persists, then consider rolling the drivers back or uninstalling them entirely- and then perform a fresh installation.

This will usually solve any conflict errors that may occur and the keyboard should revert to a working condition.

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