Logitech K400

Never has there quite been a wireless keyboard with the potential of the Logitech K400 wireless. It features power saving technology, fully functional keys and an advanced usability that only Logitech could come up with. The K400 Logitech isn’t just a keyboard however; it also features wireless technology and is compatible with the Logitech Unifying device for even greater versatility.

Getting to Know the K400 Logitech

logitech k400Logitech are recognized for their inspirational product designs, and the Logitech K400 wireless touch keyboard happens to be one of those designs. It’s smart and innovative, with a built in touch pad that all but replaces the need for a mouse. The wireless technology (2.4GHz) really adds to the versatility of this keyboard, and with a range of 10 metres through walls and doors alike; there’s really no task that this keyboard isn’t capable of taking on.

As it relies on the Logitech Unifying receiver for connectivity, there’s nothing to say that the keyboard can’t be connected to a Smart television for use when browsing the web, or to use search functions. Where this keyboard really excels is when used as a laptop or PC keyboard; and it’s entirely compatible with most Windows and Mac operating systems.

The aesthetic appearance of the keyboard is also very unique, featuring rounded corners and a sleek button layout that won’t take up any more space than necessary. Even the buttons have been ergonomically designed to provide comfort and responsiveness in equal measure. Their low profile means that it’s a simple act to navigate the keyboard, and their smooth coating makes them as comfortable as possible.

The built in touch pad isn’t a cheap alternative to a mouse either. It features state of the art Logitech technology for responsive, and the entire touch pad has been backed by individual receptor points to maximize precision when in use. As the touch pad takes up a small portion of the right side of the keyboard, there’s no major loss of key space, although the number area has been removed.

This isn’t a big deal as the central portion of the keyboard contains all F buttons, and considering the reduced size (under 18 inch length) of the Logitech K400 wireless touch keyboard – there’s no loss of function whatsoever. The keyboard is more than capable of taking on the most tasking applications and processes too, and there are functional buttons that can launch web browsers and word processors alike.

Using the K400 Keyboard

In order to get the most from the Logitech K400 wireless keyboard, it’s a necessity to download the correct drivers. The Logitech K400 driver will install automatically if a newer operating system is being used, but it’s a good idea to install the driver directly from the CD provided to ensure that the PC or laptop can function properly with the keyboard connected.

Once the relevant drivers have been installed, the K400 can be enjoyed for years to come without interruption. The power saving design goes hand in hand with the keyboard’s responsiveness, and it’s safe to say that this keyboard will last well in to the future if looked after. It’s also compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, and can make the ideal companion for home PC users and office workers alike.

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