Logitech K750 for Mac

If there’s one common complaint amongst Mac users; it’s that they feel a little left in the dark when considering the compatibility of keyboards and Windows software. Fortunately, the Logitech K750 Mac keyboard has taken up the saddle, and the board has become a solid favourite amongst Mac users around the world.

Logitech K750 Mac Compatibility

One of the biggest problems when attempting to use keyboards across platforms is the lack of compatibility. Most pieces of hardware come pre-programmed to serve a particular purpose, and this purpose is often loyal to a specific operating system. Because of this, Windows hardware will only run on Windows, whereas Mac accessories will do the same for Mac operating systems. As a result, it’s not uncommon for people after a certain product to have no option but to make an alternative purchase.

Using the Logitech K750 Mac Keyboard

Being designed solely for use with Mac computers and laptops; the Logitech K750 Mac has filled a much needed gap in the market. Where traditional Mac keyboards can often be slow and unresponsive (particularly as the cache builds up); the K750 has put measures in to place to overcome these faults.

logitech k750 macIn many ways it resembles a Mac keyboard; what with its lightly brushed colour scheme and white buttons, but the Logitech software contained within takes the experience to a whole new level. For a start, the keyboard is wireless, making it suitable for use with both Mac PCs and laptops. The 2.4GHz wireless dongle can be connected to a USB port to allow connectivity between devices, and once connected; the keyboard will function at a speed that matches that of cabled keyboards.

Another fantastic benefit of the K750 is the way that it sources its power. Where most modern keyboards rely on batteries or cables to provide energy; the K750 goes above and beyond by using light as an energy source. The keyboard comes complete with a full length solar panel at the very top of its design. This panel will do what solar panels do best; absorb light from the sun and external sources, before converting that light in to energy.

But what about darker days you ask? Well fortunately, the advanced Logitech technology that has gone in to the solar panel has taken this in to account. Logitech have included light-enhancing features that activate under the solar panel itself. These features ensure that every ray of light is absorbed, to provide hours and hours of activity without interruption.

The Multi Use USB Receiver

Where most USB receivers have been developed to work with one specific piece of hardware; the K750 receiver is capable of connecting to up to 6 devices. This covers the wireless keyboard, mouse, headphones and anything else that you could imagine. Once connected, the USB receiver will simply connect to each device and then continue operation as usual. Thanks to the huge 2.4GHz signal transfer rate; even connecting 6 devices won’t slow down the signal as there’s more than enough to go around between even the most demanding pieces of hardware.

The option to use the keyboard anywhere up to 10 metres away can make the experience even more enjoyable, and there’s no concern regarding signal weakness or interruption as the receiver is strong enough to emit through walls and ceilings if necessary.

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