Logitech K750

Boasting a unique solar powered technology, as well as a whole host of other exciting features and functions; the Logitech K750 keyboard broke the mould and gave birth to a new line of state of the art keyboards. The K750 Logitech isn’t just a keyboard however; it’s a fully functional tool that can control every aspect of a PC or Mac in an instant.

Logitech K750 Keyboard Mac Compatibility

Most PC users understand the fine line that has been drawn between Windows and Mac hardware. It’s not often that an accessory is compatible with both operating systems, but that’s where the Logitech solar K750 has created its own line in the sand. It features a high speed USB port that can be connected to any Windows or Mac PC or laptop, and what’s even greater is that the Logitech K750 driver will automatically install to suit the operating system that the keyboard has been connected to.

The Functions and Features of the Logitech K750 Keyboard

The K750 possesses all of the standard buttons and functions of most typical keyboards (F keys, caps lock, number lock and so on). The Logitech wireless solar keyboard K750 is the first of its kind however, and is now one of the only keyboards to offer boast wireless and solar panel technology as standard.

This is great news for PC and laptop users alike, as the wireless signal is strong enough to transfer data up to 10 meters away (through walls and doors too). The patented Logitech Unifying receiver is also capable of connecting up to 6 devices via wifi so that even the most extensive computer network can benefit from the versatility.

The solar panel is located at the top of the keyboard and it features a built in light enhancer that can turn even the lowest source of light in to a great source of energy. As a result, the keyboard can last for several days at a time before needing fresh exposure to light. This feature isn’t just very useful – it’s also great for the environment with no need for batteries, making it ideal for use within eco-friendly homes and offices alike.

Logitech haven’t sacrificed anything to include the solar panel either. All standard buttons can be found on the keyboard, and even the keys have been coated in a soft water-resistant material. This feature makes the keyboard ideal for typing over extended periods of time, and as it can withstand all but the most intense of liquid spillages (up to 60ml), there’s not much that can slow it down.

The frame has been constructed using a strong aluminium alloy, which is both lightweight and durable. Considering that the strong construction is surrounded by a solid but soft rubberised shell, it’s no wonder why the K750 keyboard has been become one of the most popular utility keyboards on the planet. Whether it’s being used for word processing, internet browsing or minor gaming sessions; the responsiveness and functionality of the K750 is in a league of its own.

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