Logitech Wireless Keyboard K270

Boasting a whopping 24 month battery lifespan, as well as a multifunctional Logitech Unifying receiver that can connect to a range of devices as needed; the Logitech K270 Wireless Keyboard is a thing of beauty and functionality.

Getting to Know the Logitech K270 Keyboard

logitech wireless mk270One of the first things that will be appreciated is the fact that this keyboard is wireless. It comes complete with a Logitech Unifying receiver, which not only allows the Logitech K270 keyboard to connect up to 10 meters away; there’s the potential to connect a great range of wireless devices to a laptop or PC with just a few clicks.

There are those that will say ‘wireless devices are difficult to keep alive’, and this is mainly down to the battery life. Fortunately for gamers and PC users however; Logitech have introduced a very clever piece of power management software that can maximize the lifespan of the keyboard. The batteries won’t just last for a few weeks, or even a few months. They will last for up to 24 months without interruption or delay in responsiveness.

Any AAA (x 3) batteries will suffice, and once placed within the keyboard, it’s a simple matter of connecting it to the Unifying device to get things moving. The WiFi receiver will then activate automatically whenever the laptop or PC is turned on, to provide a seamless experience.

The Specifications of the Logitech K270 Wireless Keyboard

As with most keyboards in the Logitech range, the Logitech wireless keyboard K270 is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The hardware comes with all relevant drivers included on the CD to make sure that the keyboard functions as intended from the initial installation.

Logitech also provide their renowned 3 year warranty on the K270, and this will only be voided if the user decides to open the keyboard themselves to attempt any necessary repairs. If a repair is needed, it’s advised that owners get in touch with Logitech to arrange a repair or replacement if required.

The keyboard itself features a full size layout, including all relevant F keys. There’s even room for 8 hot keys that can be assigned particular roles such as launching a web browser, or opening a word processor. These keys can be adjusted even after they have been originally defined, allowing for countless modifications to the user’s preference.

The wireless receiver comes complete with 2.4GHz transfer speeds, which works super fast when it’s just the keyboard connected. Even when other devices are connected however, there’s no noticeable reduction in transfer speed; which makes the keyboard and Unifying receiver ideal for home use.

Another major benefit of the keyboard is its resistance to spillages. Most people have been there where a keyboard has suffered damage as the result of a few splashes (or an entire cup of tea). Fortunately, the keys and inner components can resist all but the most severe of spills, making the keyboard even longer lasting.

The keys are also covered in a subtle UV coating, making them resistant against rays from the sun. The sun has become a common culprit in key-colour fading, but with this keyboard – that concern becomes a thing of the past. Considering the more than fair price, as well as the sheer functionality of this keyboard – it’s no wonder why it’s become so popular for both personal and professional uses.

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