Microsoft Gaming Keyboard

The Lowdown on the Microsoft Gaming Keyboard

The world of gaming has really hit its peak in the past few years in terms of graphics, game play and equipment, and with Microsoft at the spearhead of the online gaming campaign, what do you know of their best gaming keyboards? Well, whether you choose to use either:

The Microsoft SideWinder X4
The Microsoft SideWinder x6

You’re sure to find that although these industry giants may be keeping it simple in terms of numbers, they really do know their stuff when it comes to the tech.

Microsoft gaming keyboards

When it comes to finding a good gaming keyboard Microsoft are not generally the guys to turn to, but with the competition out there running so high, are you really getting the best gaming keyboard for your needs? Microsoft may not be pulling all of the punches when it comes to over filling the market, so is it simply a case of quality over quantity?

The SideWinder X6

The flagship gaming keyboard from Microsoft saw a number of functions and features that you just can’t find on any other brand. The most prominent for many players is the removable numpad that can be attached on either end of the device, allowing for ease of use during game play.

This might sound like a completely off-the-wall feature when you think of the amazing back-lit capabilities of the Razer Black Widow Chroma or the unique usage of G-keys from Logitech, but if you’re a left-handed player this can make all of the difference. It actually allows those all important macro functions to be assigned to the numpad, without having to reach all the way across to the WSAD keys that gamers most commonly use!

When you then consider that a button at the top of the SideWinder X6 gaming keyboard toggles the numpad between ‘normal’ and ‘macro’ modes manually (or into ‘auto’ mode, where the right side sees the numpad staying as is and left side turning on macro mode automatically), you start to see where Microsoft have really been listening to the needs of their users. They have set aside dedicated macro keys on the left edge of the gaming keyboard, a toggle button which turns each macro button into two; with on-the-spot recording options, and it’s these features that really make the X6 an educated choice for gamers who fall into the category of scripted game players- those who prefer to voice their inputs rather than execute them by hand.

The SideWinder X4

The SideWinder X4 was then launched, seemingly toning down those great features. But that was all a ruse. The X4 may look smaller, sleeker and feature-less, but it holds probably the most important bit of kit there is- specialized anti-ghosting technology.

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