Microsoft Sidewinder X6

Boasting a variety of high tech functions, a clean ergonomic design and the patented Sidewinder technology, the Microsoft Sidewinder X6 gaming keyboard has become a firm favorite amongst avid gamers and enthusiasts alike. It’s affordable, reliable and certainly holds up against over a dozen other higher priced keyboards on the market.

The Features of the Microsoft Sidewinder X6

Microsoft have gone above and beyond on the design front with the X6, and not just with the aesthetics. Yes, the matte black theme works stunningly well with the backlit keys, but it’s the patented Sidewinder technology that really separates this keyboard from the competition. It’s the only keyboard of its kind that can have an entire segment removed and switched from the left to the right in a matter of seconds. This means that it’s ideal for word processing, multimedia processes and of course; gaming.

The X6 hasn’t sacrificed any of the more well known features most commonly associated with high tech gaming keyboards either. Users will get to enjoy a choice of dual colours for back-lighting keys, a whopping 30 programmable keys that can be customized to suit the user’s preference, and an exclusive cruise control feature that allows a key press to continue for a defined time – without having to hold the key down.

The macro record feature is ideal for gamers, programmers and general PC users alike, as it allows specific key combinations and strokes to be recorded in real time. It’s also possible to assign a particular profile to a specific gaming action, and to make things even easier these profiles can be switched between in less than a second to ensure that no gaming experience suffers an interruption.

The Specifications of the X6

The X6 gaming keyboard measures 513mm in length (including the removable number pad), and 234mm in depth. It’s pretty moderately sized as far as gaming keyboards go, and its lightweight construction also adds to its maneuverability and portability. The keyboard is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, although it’s possible to download the relevant drivers and run the X6 in compatibility mode with most operating systems.

The keyboard will require 100mb of hard drive space in order to function correctly, as well as a CD drive for installing the relevant drivers (online installations are also available too). A 2.0 or higher USB port is required, although a 6 or 9 pin adapter will do if a USB port isn’t available.

As with most Microsoft hardware products, the X6 comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty too, making this keyboard one of the most reliable gaming keyboards on the market today.

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