Perixx PX 2000

Perixx may not be as well-known as several of their better known rivals, but that really isn’t a factor when considering the Perixx PX 2000 keyboard. It’s lightweight, durable and aesthetically pleasing to look at, with plenty of functions and features too. From the full size keyboard controls, all the way to the pleasant back lighting technology. The keyboard even features anti-ghosting technology where up to 8 keys can be pressed at any given time simultaneously.

Taking a Look at the Perixx PX 2000

As a gaming keyboard, the developers at Perixx prioritized the user’s gaming experience above all else. The PX 2000 is fully functional when used as a standard keyboard, boasting a full set of F keys, a number pad area and a segregated arrow control section. As a QWERTY keyboard, every single key has been positioned to match industry standard, and the inclusion of 7 hot keys enables full audio, video and general media control.

Perixx PX 2000When it comes to gaming, the PX 2000 really stands out from the crowd, and not just thanks to the illuminated lighting feature behind each and every key. The blue glow is enough to define every key even in very poor lighting conditions. The glow can be controlled for lower, moderate and bright lighting, or turned off completely.
The anti-ghosting technology within the PX 2000 is one of the best on the market. Being able to press 8 keys simultaneously can be a huge benefit as far as gaming goes. There’s minimal delay too (0.0021ms to be exact), so even the most demanding game can be a pleasure to interact with. What’s more is that as there are 6 programmable keys within the keyboard, switchable between three modes and profiles – there’s no amount of commands and actions that can’t be performed mid-game!

The actual design of the keyboard shouldn’t be overlooked either. The PX 2000 has a very distinctive appearance – so much so that we haven’t seen anything else outside of the PX range quite like it. Its gentle piano-finish is also stunning to look at, and the combination of both matte and gloss work very well together. Rather than making the keyboard longer than necessary, Perixx opted to remove the corners for a more defined appearance.

This might not seem very effective beyond appearance, but the truth is that Perixx have managed to shave valuable grams from the weight of the keyboard; making it ideal for transportation. The sloped contours around the edge of the keyboard offers the same benefit; and the results are a lightweight, durable keyboard that can withstand all but the most intense of impact.
The customization potential might not be as extensive as with other similar brands, but the anti-ghosting and macro benefits make up for the lack of colours. All in all, this is an excellent keyboard and is ideal for gaming, general PC uses and professional requirements alike.

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