Razer BlackWidow Drivers

Razer is synonymous with quality and the BlackWidow is no exception. Leading the way for the Razer mechanical gaming keyboard, the Black Widow was the first, and arguably the most impressive mechanical keyboard to break into the industry. But what can you expect from the Razer BlackWidow drivers? Is the software any more impressive than the board itself?

Razer BlackWidow drivers

As you will already be aware, once you receive your Razer BlackWidow you’ll need to install the drivers for optimum functionality. You can download these directly from the Razer website, but you can get a hard-copy from Razer stockists. Before you get started, you should be aware that different drivers are compatible with different operating systems, so choose the right driver and bit version (32-bit or 64-bit) for your computer.

Drivers are designed to operate automatically, so once you have installed the right ones, you can play to your heart’s content. Make sure not to alter driver file names during or after installation. It may be worth creating a dedicated folder within your computer or laptop to store specific driver files, just make sure that there are no duplicate versions hidden elsewhere when you move the files.

What will the Razer BlackWidow Drivers allow you to do?

Razer BlackWidow drivers will give your computer access to the Razer Synapse software- a streamlined configuration that will allow you to rebind controls and/or assign macros to your Razer peripherals. All settings will then be saved automatically to the cloud, allowing you to play freely, no matter how you play, or where you go. You will be able to track all of your in-game clicks and movements, as well as other features, and Razer Synapse Stats & Heatmaps will let you analyze your individual game play.

Razer Synapse will also allow you to create a multitude of profiles, configurations and macro combinations, the possibilities are endless. Razer understands that every game is unique and needs its own dedicated options and it’s the Razer BlackWidow drivers that fully allow you to take advantage.


Once you install the right drivers all of the amazing possibilities of tailored, intelligent game play will be in your hands! Make sure that if manual installation is needed that you locate the driver within the relevant folder, and then open it so that it can install straight to your hard drive. It might be an idea to turn off your computer or laptop to give the drivers a set amount of time to fully register with your specific operating system. Of course this is just a precaution as most operating systems are more than capable of installing and adapting to the new software.

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