Razer Deathstalker Essential

It’s not uncommon for brands to release updated products of their own models, usually titled S, X or Y series. Although these models may feature one or two different functions or benefits; they are still very similar to the traditional model. Breaking the mould and paving their own way; Razer developed the Razer Deathstalker Essential; a patented keyboard that combines the very best features of the Deathstalker model, and merges them to form one of the most effective gaming keyboards around.

Diving in to the Razer Deathstalker Essential

The Deathstalker was a defining point for Razer; featuring multi-lingual compatibility, enhanced anti-ghosting technology and power saving backlighting capabilities. With the success of its initial release, the brand decided to give a little more back to their fans and customers, and that led to the birth of the Essential.
Although similar in appearance to its predecessor (an aesthetic that isn’t easy to forget in the slightest), it boasts a collective improvement of over 80% of the software contained within. One of the main features has to be the use of the patented Razer Chiclet key caps – a collection of fully programmable keys that can be used for any gaming, word processing or browsing experience.

It’s not just the Chiclet caps that define the Essential; there’s also the presence of the extreme anti-ghosting technology within each and every key. Anti-ghosting isn’t a feature that you often see outside of gaming keyboards, but it’s been considered a stable demand amongst the gaming community over the past few years.
Unlike the standard model of the Deathstalker; the Essential’s extreme anti-ghosting technology is second to none. It allows for a whopping combination of keys to be pressed – up to 8 in fact, without any loss in data transmission. The technology further goes to enhance the actuation of the keyboard. With a minimal delay (less than a fraction of a second), there’s no command that won’t be received by the CPU before being put in to action almost instantly.

Razer deathstalker essential keyboardRazer have gone even further to enhance their user’s experience, and the implementation of the Razer Synapse 2.0 software built in to the Essential, makes it one of the most intelligent keyboards around. It intelligently senses key presses, key combinations and is even capable of correcting mis-presses as it learns from the user. Although Synapse 2.0 is still a long way from artificial intelligence; it does place this keyboard in a more knowledgeable position than other pieces of hardware – such as microwaves!

The keyboards’ 1000Hz ultra polling plays a huge role in key precision too, and being able to transfer data at 1000Hz means that even the softest press of a button will be registered. Rather than having to launch specific software to program the macro-keys on the keyboard, there’s a simple setting that allows them to be programmed ‘on the fly’. This means that mid-game, keys can be adjusted to better suit their requirement.

The fair price of the keyboard is was really defines it as a market leader. It’s a high-end keyboard that rivals several other brands whose price tags climbs the hundred marker, so for less than half that cost it could actually be considered one of the most versatile keyboards on the planet.

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