Razer Lycosa Keyboard

The Razer Lycosa programmable backlit gaming keyboard is the first of its kind. It’s been developed to dominate every other keyboard on the planet, which means that game play has never been faster paced. When it comes to gaming online, there’s almost literally nothing that the Razer Lycosa keyboard can’t do. It’s fast, reliable and responsive and doesn’t mess around with silly concepts.

The Razer Lycosa Programmable Backlit Gaming Keyboard

As you may have guessed from its name, the Razer Lycosa is fully programmable, as well as being backlit too. The macro keys on the Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard can be programmed to suit the user, meaning that there’s really no amount of commands that can’t be followed with the press of a button. This Razer Lycosa review isn’t just about the buttons though; we want to dive in to the intricacies of the keyboard to really learn what it’s capable of.

The Inner Workings of the Razer Lycosa Keyboard

razer lycosa gaming keyboardFeaturing non-slip keys, customizable back-lighting (with WASD cluster control) and anti-ghosting capabilities as standard; the Razer Lycosa is a beast among men. It’s sleek, elegant and lightweight enough to be carried around, with a ridiculously responsive key layout that can register even the softest of taps.

The Hyper-response technology within each key doesn’t just register gentle presses either; it helps with the anti-ghosting technology to allow multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously without confusion. Combine these keys with the 10 customizable profiles that can be assigned and gamers have a whopping combination of gaming potential at a fraction of the price of the competitors.

Razer have gone one step further to benefit gamers too. That pesky Windows key that has become the bane of full-screen gamers everywhere is now a thing of the past. When using the keyboard, the Windows key can be completely ignored – and what’s more it can even be defined to serve another purpose during game play!

Unlike other keyboards of the same grade that suffer with 6-9 ms response time, the Lycosa boasts an awesome 1 ms response time, making it one of the fastest and most responsive keyboards on the market. As it measures just 18.5 inches in length by 8.74 inches in depth; it’s easily transported and stored, and with the 2m high speed USB cable included – there’s no reason why it can’t be used from a comfortable seat across the room.

Other major benefits include the built in slots for accessories including a microphone and headphone slots. This means that any accessories can be plugged in to the keyboard directly, without having to have wires running from the PC or laptop. The Razer Lycosa Keyboard doesn’t consume much power either; in fact it’s very energy efficient so that it can work in unison with a computer’s graphics card and other acceleration software.

As with most pieces of hardware, it’s important to download and install the relevant Razer Lycosa driver. The Razer Lycosa drivers can be installed directly from the CD provided, or by visiting the Razer Zone website and downloading the drivers manually. Once the drivers have been installed; gamers will be able to enjoy the full functionality of the keyboard and begin their world domination of the gaming scene. With this keyboard to hand, there’s not much that a gamer can’t achieve, no matter what type of game they are playing.

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