Razer Mechanical Keyboard

If you are looking into buying a new gaming keyboard, look no further than a Razer mechanical keyboard. It’s not often that a gaming keyboard breaks all of the rules, but it seems that Razer make a point of turning what you think you know about gaming on its head. When there are so many gaming keyboards around it can be hard to choose the right one for you, but Razer does their best to ensure that all of your playing needs are catered to.

The Design

Razer pride their selves in the stunning design and user interface of all of their keyboards, with options such as:

Razer blackwidow
Razer Lycosa
Razer Deathstalker

With a sleek matte black finish throughout their ranges, you can be sure that no other gaming keyboard will give you chills quite like these do!

The Razer Gaming Keyboard

Among the gaming keyboards that Razer has to offer, The Deathstalker is one of the most unique on the current market. It features Razer’s award-winning Switchblade interface, putting you in more control during game play than ever before! With ten adaptive tactile keys that adjust to fit the different aspects of game play, and an LCD panel that doubles up as an extra screen that can display important in-game information, app widgets and more on- you really can lose yourself in your MMO or RPG game. Because you can even bind an unlimited number of commands, skills, macros, or spells as you go along, you’ll have your hands free to get on with all of the important stuff.

The Razer Mechanical Keyboard

The flagship (and probably most prolific) of all the mechanical gaming keyboards- the Black Widow– revolutionized the face of gaming. Four years later the Black Widow Chroma was launched; a durable, beautifully back-lit piece of kit whose mechanical switches actuate at a force of 50g, and that reset at almost half the distance of any other switch- taking gaming to a whole new level.
As well as the stunning look and game play features, Razer mechanical keyboard drivers continue to wow behind the scenes, too.

These drivers feature Razer Synapse- a compact configuration software that allows the user to rebind controls and assign macros to any of the Razer peripherals. It then saves each of these settings automatically to the cloud, so that you can access your own configurations whenever you may need. These drivers also allow you to create and save multiple settings, configurations and profiles, as well as allowing you to calibrate your mouse to the surface that you use during game play.

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