Roccat Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

The Roccat name is fairly new to the gaming industry, but boy have they taken the world by storm. Their uniquely designed Roccat Isku Illuminated gaming keyboard has become a fan favourite, thanks to its versatility, durability and game-enhancing potential. The Roccat Isku gaming keyboard is much more than an accessory for gamers however; it’s also a multifunctional tool that can be used for any PC related tasks.

The Roccat Isku Gaming Keyboard

Roccat proudly released two models of gaming keyboard to their Isku range; the Isku itself and the Roccat Isku FX gaming keyboard. The former is considered the more versatile of the two gaming keyboards, as the latter has paid special attention its multicoloured key customization potential.

The Isku boasts several unique technologies exclusive to Roccat, including the easy to use ‘shift plus’ key technology. This key allows every programmable key to be defined twice. This double-definition means that all macro keys can feature two modes; the first which can be used as standard, and the second which can be affected when the shift plus key is pressed simultaneously with the macro key.

The Roccat Isku FX Multicolour Gaming Keyboard

With a unique take on design and aesthetics, the Roccat Isku FX multicolour gaming keyboard is a thing of beauty as well as functionality. It offers many similar features to the standard Isku model; albeit with the potential to customize each individually backlit key.

Each key on the board has had its digit or character coated in an off-white colour. As a result, users of the board will get to decide on the exact type of colour or shade that they’d like their keys to emit. The choice of colours is a whopping 16.8 million tones, meaning that the Isku FX can be customised to suit any preference.

The Specifications of the Isku Range

Beyond the standard features (shift plus, colour controls and so on), the Isku range hasn’t sacrificed any gaming potential. The keyboards come with ready to install software, and this hardware is what gives Roccat their edge over the competition. Users can literally customise each and every aspect of their keyboard; from macro key definitions, all the way to colour controls (in the FX version of the keyboard).

The keyboards both make use of a high speed 2.0 USB cable, and this cable is roughly 2.2 metres in length to allow for maneuverability. Each key has been manufactured to promote key responsiveness, and even the slightest press will be registered. The low profile of the keys keeps typing as simplistic as possible, and even the most intense of games can be controlled easily and without delay.

The keys themselves also feature a 1000Hz polling rate (or 1ms responsiveness), as well as a top-grade anti-ghosting technology as standard; meaning that multiple keys can be pressed at once without interference. As far as top-tier gaming keyboards go, the Roccat Isku range are certainly up there with the better known brands such as Razer and Logitech.

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