Saitek Eclipse Gaming Keyboard

With its design based on providing a source of light where conditions are low, the Saitek Eclipse II Illuminated keyboard is a thing of beauty as well as functionality. The main focus of this keyboard is its backlighting potential, and it features the ability for users to dim the backlight, as well as enhance it until it all but illuminates an entire room.

The Saitek II Illuminated Keyboard

Saitek EclipseWhen it comes to lighting, nothing quite does it like the Saitek Eclipse. The Saitek Eclipse II Backlit Keyboard isn’t just a source of light however; it’s actually a fully functional utility keyboard that can be used for high octane gaming, word processing and web browsing alike.

Each and every key on the keyboard has been laser etched via a machine so that the glow can emanate from within. These keys, referred to as TruVu, make seeing in the dark as easy as if the light was on. They distribute light from an LED in such a way that the user isn’t blinded; they are instead provided a consistent source of light that can help them to navigate the keyboard without any difficulty at all.

Using the Saitek Eclipse Keyboard

Saitek has been in the business for many years now, and they prioritize the compatibility and functionality of their products above all else. After extensive development, the Saitek Eclipse drivers make it entirely possible for the keyboard to function on any Windows operating system – from the oldest to the newest.

Users are advised to install the relevant drivers via the Saitek website, although the hardware does come with a copy of the drivers on a CD. Once installed, the keyboard can be used instantly and all of the unique benefits as offered by Saitek will be accessible.

These benefits don’t just include the TruVu keys either; the keyboard also comes with a sturdy foot that allows the accessory to be positioned horizontally or vertically at the drop of a hat. This usability makes the keyboard an ideal accessory for laptops and PCs alike, and with the long length USB cable, there’s nothing to say that the keyboard can’t be used from up to 2 metres away.

A Final Thought on the Saitek Eclipse

The Saitek Eclipse is every inch the gaming keyboard, as well as being suitable for utility purposes too. Being able to adjust the positioning and angle can make a huge difference when using a computer, and having the option to rely on the keyboard as a main source of light can reduce the need to run room lights long in to the night.

Considering its low price, even for an entry-level keyboard; there’s almost nothing negative to say about the Eclipse. It’s nice on the wallet, very easy to install (with Plug’n’Play technology) and is durable enough to survive years of tapping punishment without showing any signs of wear and tear at all. It’s aesthetically pleasing too, and the laser etched buttons aren’t just useful – they are one of the most attractive features throughout the entire keyboard.

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