Saitek Eclipse II Drivers

Saitek are the leading manufacturers when it comes to backlit gaming keyboards; so when it comes to gaming in the dark, nobody does it better! Every gamer has been guilty of squinting through the dark to find the right button, or even of turning on a sidelight- but when you want to feel the full weight of that creepy game, you really need to have some intuitive backlighting to ramp up the atmosphere. So, to really get that lighting down-pat, Saitek gaming keyboards have some unique drivers and cool software options to get you in the right mood for your gaming needs.

Saitek Eclipse drivers are built specifically to allow your keyboard and computer to run in sync with each other. The drivers enable your set-up to properly manage certain software and configurations for your chosen game(s), to give you the best possible playing experience.

Downloading and Using Saitek Eclipse Drivers

With any new gaming keyboard, you will need to download the relevant drivers to get your device in full working order. Saitek Eclipse drivers can be found around the web and are free to download.

Before you get downloading, remember that there are several different drivers and versions available, which are tailored to suit the needs of each individual operating system, so you really need to choose the right one for your specific computer.

Once you have located the correct drivers for you, you need to consider which bit version you may need, either 32-bit or 64-bit. -It is worth it to bear in mind that most versions of Windows XP are 32 bit!

When you begin to download the driver you need, make sure that the file name isn’t altered in any way- this can often cause confusion for your computer when it is placed within the registry. try to download the file to a pre-defined folder, and delete any duplicate versions that may crop up to avoid conflict.

From here, the driver should install automatically and subsequently run each and every time your Saitek Eclipse keyboard is connected. If you need to perform a manual installation however, simply locate the driver file within the relevant folder and simply open it. This will allow it to install straight to your hard drive.

Once all of the above steps are complete and your driver is installed, you may want to turn your off computer or laptop to allow the file to settle into the operating system. In most cases this isn’t a necessary procedure, but it is a precaution worth taking just in case.

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