Sidewinder X4 Driver

The Microsoft Sidewinder X4 keyboard could be considered one of the most highly anticipated keyboards of this generation. Featuring an array of functions and features that rival even its more expensive competitors; this Microsoft gaming keyboard has taken control to a whole new level. But could it be considered the best gaming keyboard? Well only time will tell, but it certainly looks set to redefine game-play as we know it.

Downloading the Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Driver

As a new gen keyboard, it may be necessary to download the relevant X4 driver to breach the compatibility issue between older Microsoft Operating Systems. The driver is included on CD with a purchase of the keyboard, and Microsoft have also made it available for download online too. To grab the driver, simply visit the Microsoft site and type ‘Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Driver‘.

Once the driver has been installed, the keyboard should function correctly and users will be able to enjoy the unique aspects of this piece of hardware without delay. There are certain issues that have arisen from the downloading of the X4 driver, although most of these could be considered minimal, such as a temporary screen freeze.

To limit the possibility of these events from taking place, there are a few simple guidelines to follow as provided by Microsoft and X4 users.

The first thing to do is to ensure that the correct version of the driver has been installed. Select 32-bit or 64-bit from the drop down menu and then download it into a specified folder. To avoid conflict between other drivers, ensure that the name of the file is left un-edited and that only one copy of the driver is present.

Once the driver has been downloaded and installed, restart the computer or laptop even if all appears well. The driver will then automatically position itself within the registry which will all but guarantee a clean operation.

As soon as the keyboard is connected to a PC or laptop, the experience will begin in full swing. With a whopping combination of up to 26 button presses – each of which can work simultaneously; there’s really no game or activity that this keyboard isn’t capable of taking on. Even the most arduous tasks become a pleasure and combine these benefits with the dozen other features of this keyboard and you’ll understand why many gamers consider it one of the best.

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