Steel Series Apex

If it’s an incredibly durable keyboard with a responsiveness like nothing else that you’re after, then the Steel Series Apex gaming keyboard could well be the way to go. It’s sleek, elegant and has more customizable buttons than many other higher priced competitors, not to mentioned being ergonomically designed and able to tackle even the most demanding gamers’ needs.

The Steel Series Apex Keyboard

When Steel Series designed this keyboard, they did so with the extreme gamer in mind. Every single key has been designed to feature a low profile so that minimal interruption between presses will occur. Each section of key comes complete with its own unique colour, meaning that playing in low light won’t result in any difficulty either.

What’s more is the inclusion of a full set of macro keys. Each of these keys can be programmed to suit the user, meaning that commands and instructions can be issued during game play as easily as breathing. What’s even greater is that all of these keys are located on the left hand side of the keyboard, making the Apex ideal for use as a general keyboard when games aren’t being played.

The Software Included with the Steel Series Apex Gaming Keyboard

steel series apex gaming keyboardSteel Series provide a free download and installation of their renowned ‘Apex’ software with every purchase. This software runs with any windows operating system, and it can be used to fully customize each and every macro key contained within the keyboard. These keys can be assigned functions and roles, or used as utility keys to launch specific applications such as web browsers and word processors.

The Design and Usability of the Apex Gaming Keyboard

Being designed with the gamer in mind means one thing; gaming experiences will be awesome. The keys are hugely responsive and can register even the most gentle of touches. As the keys have all been manufactured with a low profile in mind, it’s easy to glide across the buttons to carry out tasks.

The lightweight construction of the Apex gaming keyboard (just 2.93lbs) makes it ideal for use on a lap or a desk, and it’s width of 22.05 inches allows for plenty of finger space when resting or typing. Although the keyboard comes with a predefined colour scheme for the key back-lighting, it’s possible to define a more preferred set of colours with a choice of over 16 million colour combinations via the Apex software.

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