The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Boasting one of the biggest free roam worlds on the planet, not to mention all sorts of fantasy favourites; The Elder Scrolls Skyrim was nominated for more awards than any other game in 2012. It’s considered one of the only ‘un-completable’ games, and Bethesda really outdone themselves after their previous hit in the Elder Skyrim Scrolls saga ‘Oblivion’.

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim

The game is centred on the player, and you’ll begin your adventure on the back of a cart on your way to be executed. It just so happens that this is the exact time that a legendary dragon, known as Alduin, has found a way back to the mortal realm after a deathly exile. His intention; to destroy the land of Skyrim and the surrounding areas and return them to Dragon rule.
The entire game is unlike anything else on the planet. There are no turns, and everything happens in real time. There are over 300 unique enemies and allies, as well as an assortment of items to interact with. In fact, the Elder Scrolls Skyrim items are so numerous that you’ll find entire categories covering what each and every one of them do.

Unlike other games, these items aren’t pointless – they all serve their own purpose. Even harvesting snowberries from a wild bush can lend a much sought after ingredient for alchemical potions and concoctions. In fact, the entire game is dedicated to giving the player a way to live their ideal fantasy lifestyle. Fancy being a blacksmith? Well work your way up from iron weapons all the way to legendary Dragon weapons and armour. Each time you use an item, or interact with the world; your skills will improve in some way, and this is what can lead you to becoming a master of your trade.

Imagine that you enjoy nothing more than firing a hail of arrows at your enemy from the shadows; well simply join the Assassin’s Guild, work your way up the ranks and take your opponents out from a distance. What happens if they start to look for you thanks to a missed shot? Well you can simply sneak around in the darkness until they stop looking for you.
What if you want to live the dream of a burglar, plying your trade by stealing someone else’s hard earned cash?

Well just break in to their house late at night, pillage their property and then sell their goods on to the closest Fence! Try not to get caught though – if the guards get their hands on you, you’ll be spending a night in the local jail (unless you’re a little better connected and can bribe your way out of the situation). Don’t fancy spending all night in the jail? Then you can even attempt a break out!

It’s not just the standard (albeit criminal) activities that can be fun. You can follow a certain path and have yourself turned in to a vampire or a werewolf where you can cause even more destruction- not to mention the range of spells that can be cast! But what if you prefer a slower pace of life? Well thanks to the expansion ‘Hearthfire’, you now have the option to build your very own home, load it out with loyal retainers and tend your farm for the rest of your days.

The action won’t stop there however; and you’ll constantly bump in to bandits, pirates and even Dragons out for your blood – even after the main storyline has been completed. With over 400 unique locations to explore, Skyrim isn’t just a game – it’s a lifestyle! You won’t find a single player that can put the remote down after a few minutes; in fact if you plan on playing The Elder Scrolls Skyrim; you better clear your schedule for the foreseeable future.

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