Tom Clancys The Division

Tom Clancy is a name synonymous with action RPGs. He’s brought us huge hits like Ghost Recon in the past, and his newest project, aptly titled Tom Clancy’s Division, or The Division, promises to be a ground-breaker of a game. Tom Clancy’s Division has fans and avid gamers on edge with anticipation.

What Can We Expect from Tom Clancy’s Division

As the Tom Clancy’s Division release is imminent; fans and followers have been keeping a close eye on what they can expect. Tom Clancy himself has claimed that this will be his most inspirational release to date, and that the storyline has taken much of its motivation from real-life scenarios that are currently taking place.
The storyline itself has taken inspiration from events that are commonly referred to as Operation Dark Winter. During this operation, it was discovered just how fragile the United States has become in regards to military, economy and general authority. Never one to shy away from controversy, Tom Clancy has introduced a deadly virus that causes a complete shutdown of the United States’ government in a matter of 5 days.

This shut down results in a domino effect for the rest of the country and its surrounding areas, as one by one, the emergency services fall apart until food and water becomes a rare commodity and the citizens of the United States are left to fend for themselves. That’s where the title ‘The Division’ comes in to play. The Division, or SHD (Strategic Homeland Division) are an elite task force that were trained to infiltrate our common day societies in order to keep track of activities.

As official agents of the United States, they are authorized to use force in any way necessary to stem the flow of infection, as well as attempt to repair the struggling economy. As expected, this responsibility leads the agents down a collection of unsavory paths, and they are often greeted with brutal violence and life threatening situations.

Players will take on the role of a member of The Division, and their actions will be paramount in the progression of the storyline. Tom Clancy has also stated that the game will be available for online play too, meaning that players can team up as an elite squad of Division agents, before taking part in anti-terrorism and virus-containment scenarios.

The game remains hotly anticipated, although it has been confirmed that it will be made available on PlayStation 4 (and the PlayStation Network), as well as both Xbox One and Microsoft Windows gaming PCs.

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