Zelotes 5500 DPI

Featuring a fully customizable optical laser system that can be modified to suit different profiles, as well as a fully responsive chipset that can take on all comers with ease, the Zelotes 5500 DPI is much more than a gaming mouse; it’s an action packed piece of kit that can enhance game play from the ground up. With such a wide variety of dpi options available to gamers, it’s no wonder why the first question asked is how to change that dpi.

One of the first things to bear in mind is that dpi settings should only be adjusted using the software included with your purchase. The reason why players want to change their dpi settings is that sometimes too much can literally be too much. Higher dpi settings can often be the bane of gamers, especially if they don’t feature the relevant technology to overlook particles and obstructions.
If left to run at maximum dpi, there are times where a mouse pointer can begin to trail; especially if an obstruction has made its way in to the laser receptacle of the mouse. The best way to avoid this event is to numb the laser scanner to suit your requirements. If you have a mouse pad that glitters in the light, then the chances are that it will confuse your mouse’s laser reader and as a result; cause unwanted results.

The Zelotes 5500 – How Do You Change the DPI?

When it comes to the Zelotes 5500 ‘how do you change the dpi’ question, it’s something that most players will ask at least once whilst using the mouse. So how can the dpi be modified? Well it’s actually fairly straight forward. The first thing to do is to launch the Zelotes 5500’s software. This will open up in its own window.

Once the application has been launched, you’ll see a choice of several different categories to navigate between. You’ll want to open the ‘Optical’ or ‘DPI’ settings. This will open the dpi controls, and you’ll see a slider that can be clicked and dragged. As you click and drag, you’ll notice the dpi climbing and falling from the left to the right.

You can test multiple dpi settings one at a time by clicking apply. It’s a good idea to test your new settings immediately to see if the responsiveness of your mouse has been improved. If it has, then you can save your settings and exit the application. If not, then try another dpi setting and give it another test. Once you’ve found a setting that suits you, there’s not much that your Zelotes 5500 won’t be able to take on.

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